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Diode Pumplaser Scribing-Cell Machine

The main function is for cell production,cell cutting,mental material and Silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide and other semiconductor substrate scribing and cutting.

  1. Product Introduction
  2. Technical Features
  3. Technical Parameters
  • 1.National Patent Model,Imported brands of key components
    2.Diode-side pump(end-pump)laser,YAG laser,Acousto-optic modulation system,X-Y motion working platform
    3.Acousto-optic modulation system.X-Y motion working platform
    4.Automatic adsorption of solar cell without foot pedal
    5.Better laser beam,high cutting speed and precision,lower operation cost,maintenance free for long time
    6.Integrated desgin,no external connection,easy and convenient to install and move the machine
    7.Upgraded and improved model,new version 5.0 english scribing software
    8.Professional high-precision intergrated thermostatic circulation water cooling system(side-pump)
    9.Continuously stable working without replacement of keytom Lamp

  • 1.The laser power is continuously adjustable, good beam quality, narrow kerf, less cell loss after processing.

    2.Acousto-optic modulation system.X-Y motion working platform.

    3.CNC program with friendly operation interface to speed up efficiency.

    4.Total machine power is low,no consumable parts.

    5.Environmental,energy saving.



  • Laser Working Material:     semiconductor pump laser.
    Laser Wavelength:             1.064 μm
    Max Output Power:           50W
    Beam quality:                  <6M2
    Laser Output Instability:         ≤±3﹪
    Modulating Frequency:           0.5 kHz ~ 50 kHz
    Power Supply:                 220V±10﹪50Hz with protective grounding wire
    Whole machine power:                2.5KW
    Continuous operating hours:            >24 h
    Scribing Speed:                0 ~ 120mm/s
    Incision Width:                 ≤0.05mm
    Cooling mode:                   Water-cooled
    Temperature         20℃ ~ 25℃