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EL Tester

Test and inspect the micro-crack,breakage,broken fingers of the cells and pseudo-soldering of the modules,also applicable to check or find the mismatch of the cells or stringers with different power ratinf.

  1. Product Introduction
  2. Technical Features
  3. Technical Parameters
  • Defects of solar cell material(debris,cracked,broken gate,pollution);
    Defects from the welding process(weld,desoldering);
    Mix different levels cell;
  • Its highly sensitive infrared camera can defective solar module,which can help users know the solar module and panel from defects in material or workmanship defects
    The equipment can be applied before and after lamination process,defect detector is an important and effective process monitoring and testing equipment
    It consists of a set of specialized optical imaging systems and high-sensitivity canmera module,which is available to user in the preparation process,product quality testing
  • Application

    Before and After Lamination Testing


    Test Machine Cabinet+Computer+Specialized Software

    Effective Testing Area

    1100mm x 2000mm

    DC Regulated Power Supply

    Imaxp 10AVmaxp 60V


    6.1 mega-pixel

    Exposure Time


    Operating Temperature

    0-50, Humidity10-80%

    Shoot Effectadjustable):

    All different modules can  acquire best result by adjustment.

    Module Types

    Mono-Si, Poly-Si and A-Si solar modules

    Testing Result
    Problems Image Reflect

    1. Sintering Defect 2.Material Defect 3.fracture4.Edge Short Circuit 5. cracked 6. Pollution in Technical Process 7. Uneven Thin-film

    Power Supply

    220-240V AC 10A  50/60HZ

    Gas Source

    Air pipe Interface Caliber #6Atmospheric Pressure 5.0-8.0Kg/cm2