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Solar Cell Tester

Electric performance test and on the file for mono-si or Poly-si solar cells

  1. Product Introduction
  2. Technical Features
  3. Technical Parameters
  • 1.Test Place 3m×5m,height is more than2.5M.
    2.Far away vibration source and Strong electromagnetic interference.
    3.Floor is smooth,clean and none-dust.
    5. Light in room is less than 100LUX.
    6.Power supply:one-phase 220V / 50Hz / 2kW。
    7.Air compressor:5—8Kg/ C㎡
  • The equipment is specially in the sorting of slar mono-crystalline silicon and the poly-crystalline silicon cell pieces, it is the first choice for the solar cell and solar cell module manufacturer.

    Pneumatic bumper pin-contact, Pin-contact, on the sunny side and planer contact on the rear side; 

    4-strand testing mode and 14-byte 4-channel high-speed synchronous acquisition; 

    10 preferences on display and testing data illustration in terms of sheets and curves; 

    Irradiance and temperature self compensating; 

    Vocal test reporting and screen counter for flashes; 

    High reliable, high precision, high efficiency; 

    24/7 tools uptime and 100,000 flashes for life-time of Xenon lamp

  • Light Intensity

    100mW/cm2( continuous adjustable range 70~120mW/cm2 )

    Non-uniformity of Irradiation


    Instability of Irradiation


    Consistency of Testing


    Pulse Width of Single Flash


    Effective Testing Area/Watts

    200mm×200mm / 0.1W~5W

    Measuring Voltage

    0V~0.8V(resolution 1mV)

    Measuring Current

    0mA~20A(resolution 1mA)

    Tested Electric Performances